From a town with just 10,000 inhabitants comes Sweden’s largest food and beverage export: Absolut. ‘King of Vodka’ Lars Olsson Smith started producing his Absolut Rent Brännvin – absolutely pure vodka – in 1879.

We use the same process today, distilling the liquid over a hundred times to achieve that exceptional purity and grain-rich, authentically Swedish taste. More than 150,000 litres of our smooth, mellow vodka leave the distillery every day, to satisfy palates worldwide.


From the artesian spring-water base to the medicine-inspired bottle, every aspect of Absolut is created in one small region of Sweden — as it’s always been. More than 150,000 litres of our smooth, mellow vodka leave the distillery every day, all year round, to satisfy palates worldwide.

Absolut Elyx

Hand-distilled in a copper column still dating from 1921, Absolut Elyx is a single-batch vodka resulting from centuries of vodka-making expertise. The reactivated still makes use of copper’s natural purifying properties to create a remarkably soft, silky texture that is tasted and approved before every bottling. Absolut Elyx is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, where its purity and elegance can shine through.

Absolut Flavours

Our inimitable range of flavoured vodkas is based on some of the most delicious and popular taste experiences in the world. From zingy, zesty Citron to summery, rare Wild Tea, our naturally-sourced vodkas are renowned for their authentic flavours, while remaining true to Absolut purity. And as always, the ingredients are inspired by our beloved Scandinavian home.

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