Avión is hand-crafted by a fifth-generation family of growers on a mission to produce the best ultra-premium tequila in the world. The brand has quickly risen to stardom in the world’s largest tequila market – the USA – and has received countless awards and accolades.

Our naturally fruity tequila is made from the ripest, fullest, sweetest Blue Weber Agaves from Jalisco, Mexico, which we then slow-roast for two days. We don’t add any colours or flavours – the incredible smoothness comes from our unique filtration method, which takes ten times longer than any other tequila.

Avión Reposado

Notes of cherry, pear and peach adorn this sophisticated tequila, aged for six months in oak barrels. Roasted agave, rose petals and herbs play across the palate alongside hints of vanilla and caramel, and that classic oak aroma. Avión Reposado won a well-deserved medal at the San Francisco World Spirits competition, among other honours.

Avión Añejo

Secreted away in American oak casks for two long years, Avión Añejo emerges with intense tones of roasted agave and subtle hints of vanilla, caramel, coconut and maple. The exquisitely aged tequila is identifiable by its fruity aromas of peach and cherry, and of course its smooth, mature taste with exceptionally rich finish.

Avión Silver

Crisp and clean-tasting, this flagship tequila has been named both the World’s Best Tequila and the World’s Best Unaged White Spirit. The heady combination of intense agave, delicate flower hues, and hints of mint, rosemary, grapefruit and pineapple make this exceptionally smooth creation as well-balanced as it is well-loved.

Avión Espresso

A distinguished combination of roasted Italian espresso and Avión Silver, this unique blend has been crowned the World's Best Tasting Tequila. When you first experience the clean, dry finish with just a touch of sweetness, you'll see why.

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