Building on a family history of winemaking that dated back to the 1760s, Georges Hermann Mumm founded the House in 1827. Together with the company’s first manager, G. Heuser, Mumm established the revolutionary practice of buying grapes directly from growers. This allowed the House to select the very best grapes and oversee the most vital step in Champagne creation: the pressing.

G.H.Mumm and G. Hauser’s prescient knowledge is exemplified by the fact that the terroirs they chose – including Verzenay, Bouzy, Aÿ, Avize and Cramant – were designated Grands Crus over 100 years later. 

Cordon Rouge

A supreme balance of freshness and intensity, Cordon Rouge was created to honour our most treasured clients. The crossed red ribbon and oval label signify the perfection inside, blended from grape varieties of 77 Crus and aged in our House cellars for more than two years. The brilliant golden hue matches the bright palate and bubble-rich vigour of this elegant creation.

Cuvée R.Lalou

Cuvée R.Lalou is G.H.Mumm’s tribute to René Lalou, an iconic figure who presided over the House from the 1920s until the 1970s. This exceptional vintage combines specially-selected grapes from twelve legendary Grand Cru locations in the heart of G.H.Mumm’s vineyards. The result is powerful and elegant, full-bodied and fine – a cuvée for connoisseurs.

Blanc de Blancs

Crafted exclusively from Chardonnay grapes from the prestigious Cramant vineyard, Cuvée Blanc de Blancs is produced in limited quantities to ensure its extraordinary quality. The distinctive narrow-necked bottle is designed to allow the wine to develop slowly as it ages in our cellar for half a decade, resulting in soft green and yellow tints, a smooth body, and a subtle effervescence.

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