Havana Club

When Christopher Columbus introduced sugarcane to Cuba in 1493, a tradition of rum-making was born. Cuban Maestros Roneros (Rum Masters) transformed the raw cane into rich, light molasses – the key ingredient of Havana Club rum. Having honed their skills over centuries, in 1878 the Maestros Roneros opened the distillery which now supplies Havana Club, the world’s leading Cuban rum.

Premium rums are aged for over 18 months to acquire their deep colours, aromas and complexities, then combined and blended again and again to produce Havana Club’s generous taste and exceptional aroma.

Añejo 3 Años

Our most illustrious white rum, Havana Club 3 Años is the product of expertly blending a batch of young rums into one superior spirit. The selected rums are aged in white oak barrels, then tested by the Maestro Ronero to find the best of the best. The final mix is then aged a little longer until it reaches its characteristic light straw colour and bright, dense palate with notes of smoke, vanilla and chocolate. Truly a taste to be savoured.

Añejo 7 Años

Considered one of the best aged rums in the world, Havana Club Añejo 7 Años is the pinnacle of the Cuban rum tradition. Composed from rums aged for a minimum of seven years — and many for much longer — its luxuriously long ageing process imparts powerful, complex flavours that appear with every taste. This mahogany-coloured liquid is intense yet smooth, smoky yet sweet, and old yet new at every sip.

Selección De Maestros

A warm amber liquid with a deep red glow, our Selección de Maestros is composed of aged rums hand-selected by our Maestros Roneros. These mature rums are blended and finished together in younger oak casks, then bottled straight from the barrel. This painstaking process gives the older, smoother rums a robust and complex character that perfectly balances notes of oak and spice.

Añejo Especial

Aged for five years in the cellars under the Havana Club, this warm gold rum combines the lightness of a white rum with the robust aroma of a dark blend. Hints of honey, vanilla and cinnamon emerge alongside smoky accents and the aroma of pure sugarcane, coming together in a rounded finish that’s worth every minute of its barrel time.

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