The words ‘Sine Metu’ (‘Without Fear’) appear on every bottle of Jameson. The Jameson family motto is a homage to the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of John Jameson, who founded his first distillery in Dublin in 1780.

Jameson championed the use of the pot-still, a slow and costly method he knew would produce the very best whiskey. His use of bourbon and oloroso casks for ageing his product resulted in the classic Jameson taste that has endured through the centuries – a light-bodied, smooth and clean palate with notes of wood, spice and sherry.

Select Reserve

The classic smooth Jameson taste with a twist of intense spice, notes of nut and vanilla, and sweet sherry fruit. Jameson Select Reserve is an extra-special small-batch grain whiskey distilled just once a year. Matured in a custom mix of sherry casks and American oak barrels, the bourbon barrels are charred to our Master Cooper’s exact specifications to ensure a flawless taste.

Gold Reserve

Beloved of whiskey critics, Jameson Gold Reserve proudly ranks in the world’s top 5 whiskey blends. Its three component whiskeys are matured in bourbon barrels, sherry casks and virgin oak barrels respectively, and it is this creative combination that gives Gold Reserve its satisfying complexity, honey-toasted sweetness, and the golden hue reflected in its name.

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