Olmeca Altos

The creation of our master tequila is a slow process. The agave plants that give us the beloved Olmeca taste mature very slowly, needing at least seven years to reach their harvesting potential. Some tequilas use younger agave plants, resulting in a bitter taste. But we prefer to take our time.

We slow-cook the plants in brick ovens for three days before extracting the juice. It’s then twice-distilled in unique copper pot-stills to develop its complex flavours, before being aged in white American oak barrels. From our home in Arandas, Mexico, Olmeca travels the world to tequila aficionados everywhere. 

Olmeca Altos Plata

Exclusively produced at our Destilería Colonial in Jalisco, Mexico, Olmeca Altos Plata is created from 100% pure Agave and Tahona. We use a two-tonne volcanic millstone to draw the sweet syrup and juice from the plant fibres, honouring a tradition that has existed for five centuries. The final tequila is sweet and fruity, with a light citrus aroma and balanced finish.

Olmeca Altos Reposado

Similarly to Altos Plato, Olmeca Altos Reposado is a sweet, citrus-infused tequila created from Agave and Tahona. The Blue Agave plants used in our Altos tequila are hand-harvested by jimadores, using techniques passed down through the generations in Jalisco, Mexico. Altos Reposado is a wide-bodied, robust tequila with a long finish, infused with sweet vanilla and notes of wood.

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