Created in the 18th century, the exceptionally pure Plymouth gin is still batch-distilled at Black Friars, the world’s oldest working gin distillery. It’s the only gin in the world with a Protected Geographical Indicator, meaning it can only be produced within Plymouth city walls.

Our unique recipe dates back to 1793, and combines seven hand-picked botanicals with pure grain alcohol. The resulting spirit is so clear that it was the first gin to be sold in a transparent bottle, and has correspondingly fresh, clear taste, with just a hint of sweetness.

Plymouth Original

A beautiful marriage of extra-soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol imbued with 7 botanicals in a blend unique to Plymouth. The deep, earthy flavour has a refreshing juniper-lemon twist and an extraordinarily complex concentration, leading to a long, aromatic finish. Perfect served over ice with a squeeze of lemon or lime, or in elegant fruit-based cocktails.

Plymouth Navy Strength

Enjoyed by Her Majesty’s Naval Fleet for more than two centuries, Plymouth Navy Strength is the ultimate in rich, flavourful gin. With 57% abv, this full-bodied spirit is bold, intense, and incredibly smooth. Aromas of juniper mix with notes of coriander, cardamom and a subtle sweetness, while retaining the smooth and balanced character you expect from Plymouth.

Plymouth Sloe Gin

Faithfully created to a recipe from 1883, our sloe gin is a homage to the long tradition of making fruit gins in the British countryside. We gradually, gently steep sloe berries in Plymouth Gin and Dartmouth water, plus a handful of sugar, for months at a time. The result is a pure, berry-red gin with no added flavour or colour to cloud the natural taste of the berries.

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