The world’s favourite aniseed-flavoured beverage was created by 23-year-old Paul Ricard in 1932. Ricard named the drink after himself, declaring, “I am willing to put my name on it because I am sure of the quality of this pastis and proud of its unique taste.”

Consumers in France and across the world fell in love with its naturally liquorice-rich taste, and more than 2.4 million litres were sold in the first six years. The incomparable quality remains unchanged, with every bottle undergoing more than 50 quality checks.


With its heady aroma of Chinese star anise, naturally liquorice-rich taste, and notes of the finest Provençal herbs, it’s no wonder the recipe has been a closely-guarded secret since its creation by Paul Ricard in 1932. Every bottle of Ricard endures more than 50 quality checks before being sold, ensuring the incomparable quality remains consistent.

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