Responsible Drinking

Pernod Ricard wants to promote conviviality while encouraging people to drink responsibly. Concerned about the appropriate use of its products, the Group is working to discourage inappropriate or excessive drinking through initiatives taken either globally or locally.

“We want to deliver a message of moderation so that alcohol consumption remains a pleasurable experience, synonymous with festivities and conviviality.” - Patrick Ricard

A Long-held belief

Responsible drinking is a priority for Pernod Ricard, forming a key part of its values and ethics. Early on, the Group built partnerships with organisations that warn against the risks of excessive or inappropriate drinking. These include IREB (Institut de Recherches Scientifiques sur les Boissons) in 1971, EFRD (European Forum for Responsible Drinking) in 1990, and ICAP (International Centre for Alcohol Policies) in 2005.

Stepping up the work

The Group focuses on two main areas of prevention: the campaign against drink-driving and educating at-risk population (minors, young adults and pregnant women in particular). Pernod Ricard has developed a clear policy, resources and standards to facilitate the implementation of the strategy as well as initiatives to promote responsible drinking.

Exemplary behaviour at all levels

Pernod Ricard has made its staff the primary ambassadors of responsible drinking and expects exemplary behaviour.

The Group has also laid down rules of good conduct that go beyond legal obligations, adopting a code for commercial communications that is more demanding than professional codes. Pernod Ricard is pursuing concrete, innovative initiatives to campaign against drink driving, prevent underage drinking and excess consumption (especially by young adults), and raise awareness among pregnant women. These actions and initiatives are taken in collaboration with NGOs, campaign organisations and local authorities.

Five key areas in which to promote responsible drinking

Initiatives are concentrated on five priority areas:

  • Promoting moderate drinking
  • Teaching young people about the potential dangers of alcohol
  • Preventing drink driving
  • Dissuading pregnant women from drinking
  • Giving Pernod Ricard teams a sense of responsibility